Pura’s cleaning services cater to all types of buildings both large and small. At Pura we have the right hand-picked professionals for the job ready to give you top quality service and Assurance. Check out our services below then contact us to start getting your building back to a state of clean your staff and clients will thank you for.


Below are some of our professional services that we provide to a number of happy clients. We have services for commercial, industrial and residential properties.


Office building cleaning in the Bay Of Plenty is a big deal. A clean work environment is essential for productive and motivated staff, but a clean office building is also important for clients and customers.
office cleaning

A clean building shows potential clients and current customers that your company takes pride in itself and that you care about your business.


We have a team of cleaners who specialize in End of Tenancy Cleanings only. They are equipped with everything they need to clean spotless even the most ‘unwelcoming’ places.
end of tenancy cleaning tauranga

We work with many leading agents in the Bay Of Plenty, and we know their standards regarding the condition of the property to be vacated.


Pura’s retail store cleaning services can help drive business and attract shoppers. Pura can help turn your store around and maintain a clean environment. Book with us today and start saving.
retail store cleaning service tauranga, rotorua, hamilton

We offer cleaning services that range for all kinds of stores from corporate stores to small boutiques. Cleaning all areas from ceiling to floor.


A healthy, clean, and sanitary learning environment is an important part of a successful school. Our school cleaning services are designed to be comprehensive and flexible to get the job done.
school cleaning services tauranga, rotorua, hamilton

We provide housekeeping and cleaning solutions before, during, and after the school day, including weekends and during vacations and summer.


Pura Cleaning Services is a trusted and respected industrial provider of Bay Of Plenty manufacturing plant cleaning services. Our factory cleaning services are tailored to the needs of our clients workplace.
factory manufacturing cleaning services tauranga, rotorua, hamilton

Our philosophy is to provide factory cleaning services that promote a clean and safe environment. Quality – Security – Assurance.


Our Bay Of Plenty medical cleaning service provides the highest standard of medical cleaning possible in order to help your medical facility provide a high standard of care in a safe and sanitary environment.
medical cleaning services, hospital cleaning, healthcare cleaning tauranga, rotorua, hamilton

Proper disinfection and cleaning of medical facilities is crucial to protecting the health of your patients and preventing the spread of germs.


Sanitation is vital for Pura’s fitness center cleaning. Our work ethic is focused on providing safe and sanitary spaces for our clients and nowhere is that more important than for fitness center cleaning.
fitness center cleaning services tauranga hamilton and rotorua

With people sharing machines and equipment, germs can spread easily. Pura’s fitness center cleaning is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable exercise experience. Contact us today.


Dirt and grit in high traffic areas can leave beautiful floors looking dull. If not cleaned on a regular basis, floors can become scratched, nicked, or damaged. Ensure the cleanliness of your workplace flooring with Pura.
floor care, maintenance,scrubbing,polishing,buffing,strip and wax

When you undergo quality floor waxing and cleaning, your floors will maintain shine and appearance through daily wear and tear. Hire Pura’s professional floor cleaning specialists.


Pura’s window cleaning technicians clean all sized commercial and residential properties. From store fronts to inside and out of private homes. We are professional, and most importantly, efficient.
window cleaning tauranga hamilton rotorua

We will make your windows shine! Pura’s window cleaning employees work diligently to provide a top quality service with exceptional attention to details and customer needs.

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Floor Care

$175Starting at
  • Special

End Of Tenancy

$170First 3 Hours
  • Special

Office Cleaning

- 10% Nov - December
  • Discount


As an industry leader in commercial cleaning, Pura has perfected cleaning processes, services, products, equipment and technologies for over 20 years.

PURA’s state-of-the-art disinfecting process.

A++ cleaning products protect your facilities.

Backpack vacuums exceed HEPA filtration standards for deep cleaning and enhanced indoor air quality.

Daily and rotated detailed inspections by experienced staff.

Highly trained and certified cleaning staff with up-to-date knowledge of technology, chemicals, systems, security, OHS.

Pura’s cleaning services brings peace of mind to offices, restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and practically any other type of business. Pura has become one of the most trusted names in commercial cleaning, with industry-leading rates in customer retention and customer satisfaction.

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